Steel Gates and Fences

At SJ Construction we have a range of options to help you choose the right gate and fencing to suit your needs. It is not always easy to find a product that not only stands the test of time but also has an eye-catching appearance designed solely for you.

SJ Construction uses a range of quality materials and specialised techniques to cut, join and protect the materials used to help maintain a longer-lasting product. We believe that the aesthetic appeal is often overlooked when choosing the right gate and fence for your property. So, we take pride in making sure we provide you with a quality product that stands out from the rest.

Why Choose Steel Gates And Fences? The Answer To That Is Simple!

Alongside other benefits, a steel fence is one of the most durable and cost-effective fences available. It will also add a high-level of security to your property, outweighing other materials.

We provide a variety of styles and colours to suit your property and of course, a steel fence and gate requires much less maintenance – which is a bonus! It will not only provide the added security with a sense of style and charm, but will also give the owner the option of still maintaining a visual sight to the property. Alternatively, you can also choose your fence to be constructed to create a visual barrier towards your property for that extra privacy you may be looking for.

SJ Construction can provide custom steel gates and fences for all types of properties including; residential, industrial, commercial, school fencing, high-security and more! Alongside a wide range of gates including single swing, double swing, sliding and of course, automatic gates can be provided by our team at SJ construction. We can also design you a custom steel letterbox to give your gate that extra style.

Designing Your Fence and Gate

Our highly skilled team will work alongside you to provide you with the exact style of fence and gate you are looking for, whilst also providing the classic styles that have proven to be popular throughout the years. Some of our options include;

  •  Aluminium slat fencing

  •  Siena style with circles/crosses/scrolls

  •  Verona style with circles/crosses/scrolls

  •  Valencia style with circles/crosses/scrolls

  •  Veneto style with circles/ crosses/scrolls

  •  Urbino style with circles/crosses/scrolls


All of our steel gates and fences are custom made from only the best quality materials and finished with either a galvanised finishing or powder coated, this will ensure a long-lasting product with little maintenance needed.

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