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For over 12 years SJ Construction have been specialising in steel fabrication, custom design and installation any type of steel or iron product to suit the customer’s needs.  Structural steel production is essential for a variety of jobs, at SJ Construction we fabricate and erect steel that is commonly used in the following industries:

  • Factory construction

  •  Commercial construction

  •  Residential construction

  •  Residential beams, columns, RHS and angles

  •  DIY renovations

  •  On-site welding and installation

When providing steel for specific projects we would first study the engineering blueprints and then determine which materials will be necessary to use for the project. Our steel is built to last when fabricating we use only the highest quality tools and materials ensuring a product that is of high standards.

Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication involves the process of cutting, grinding, bending, welding, punching, burning, drilling and in general the crafting of various steel components. It is a systematic process and every step is equally as necessary and important.

First and foremost it’s important to know the type of structure you want to construct. Industrial structures are completely dissimilar to residential structures whilst commercial structures have a distinct designing process. Therefore all the structures demand different types of construction processes. Each structure has to be specifically designed and fabricated before assembling and constructing them together. Each type of construction requires unique structures varying in designs, dimensions and sizes.

Steel Erection

Structural steel erection consists of specifically designed steel components being assembled into a frame on site. The components are lifted and placed into the correct position before being connected. Usually, a connection to each component is achieved through bolting although in some cases site welding may have to be carried out to achieve the proper connection. The assembled frame needs to be aligned to the correct dimensions before the final bolting is completed.

Erecting steel structures and steel fabrication is a lengthy process in which it requires specific skills, knowledge and experience. At SJ Construction our fabricators use the best fabricating tools and equipment to ensure our work is at the highest level of accuracy and perfection that can be achieved.

Aluminium Fabrication

SJ Construction also specialises in aluminium powder coated gates, handrails and automatic swing gates. As well as custom orders for car modifications such as aluminium car canopies. Below are some images of our recent works.

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