Structural Steel Drafting

Want to bring your drawing to life to ensure it looks like you imagined? Here at SJ Construction, we can assist you by providing professional and prompt drafting services to put ideas to life.

Why Trust us?

With rich experience, knowledge and expertise in Structural Drafting and Drawings services, SJ Construction guarantees to be a highly competitive, cost effective and reliable outsourcing partner to assist you in doing everything for your project.

We ensure that projects are completed to our client’s specifications and to schedule.

Ongoing Support

SJ Construction offers continuous support when drafting your projects,

There’s more to steel detailing than just producing drawings. Our extensive knowledge of construction & our structural engineering background mean that we are able to identify potential problems & solve them during the modelling process. We encourage builders to be involved in the process to achieve the best outcome for them & generally save them many hours on site by resolving design issues & considering other trades.

What we provide

  • Erection Drawings:
    • Column & Anchor Bolt Set-out
    • 3D Views of Structure
    • Steel Marking Plans & Elevations
    • Cast-in Ferrule Set-outs, where required, for pre-cast concrete walls
  • Assembly Drawings: Showing welded assemblies, complete with material list
  • Single Part Drawings: Shafts & plates (smalls) are detailed individually
  • Full Reports:
    • Drawing List
    • Assembly List
    • Part List
    • Bulk Material List
    • Bolt Summary List
    • Erection Bolt List

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